Reviews for "Edds LegendOf Zelda(2004)"


Dude Navi is that fairy that follows Link

that was silent i didn't kknew there was darkzelda

oh and kirbyfighter12 whats navi?


Link's done to navi what we all wish we could do...


To the retard below, get a life and learn some other insults. x: Kkthnxplx.
Don't insult other people's flashes when they're probably better than yours. ~

( .. That was mean, but besides the point! )

D; I wonder why this isn't on " Eddsword " ;; I've seen so many of your flashes and I've fallen in love with your drawing style. ( Not to mention animation pattern. xD; )

Love it ~

XP i dident like it

worst movie uv made im so sorry not good inuf 4 me i dident ilke it :sitford blar blar blar blar blar