Reviews for "Edds LegendOf Zelda(2004)"

love it

really good movie. in fact , its going to my favorites. as a matter of fact i on't understand, why, no award???? anyway good movie keep up the goo- oh you have!


when is someone gonna make a flash of link,ganon goin dbz on each other?


That was a really really good amateur animation. It is obvious that you really put an effort into this. You have what it takes to become professional, mainly you give it all you got at any skill level.

eddsworld responds:

thanks, im aiming in that direction



eddsworld responds:

sweet and over 50 "!'s"

Damn! That was the same song I was going to use!

Guess now I'll have to go find a new one. You just broke my little zelda rokin out heart...

eddsworld responds:

lol, werll i dont OWN the song.