Reviews for "Edds LegendOf Zelda(2004)"

Not Bad

Nice song choice. I liked the fact that you realized that Link is left-handed! Not many people do. Anyway, nice flash.

Cool, cool.

That was good. I love to see Zelda flashes with original graphics. It had it all: Hatred toward Navi, overused Matrix sene... oh yeah. lol. It was a good flash summing up the battle with Ganon in OoT. With the WW battle sene!? Whatever, its cool. Oh yeah, Zelda had some sick moves!

That was good.

I'm a HARDCORE zelda fan! Playing up to 14 hours a day! (not anymore) Anyway, your animation style is great! ANd i've been working with flash myself, and, wow, seeing you do it makes me feel like a meaninless...something.

I love that he kills Navi, someone just HAD to do that!
And i SERIOUSLY wish Zelda were that helpful. LIke in OOT, all she did was scream, and in WW, she always missed ganondorf.

I think the only 2 things you need to improve on are :
Zelda (no offense, but she kinda looked like a guy...)
and it was alittle too fast...


I love linky *hearts*

You are my Link, you are my hero... ^_^

I love you! Thank you SO SO SO SO much for making a Zelda submission that you have put so much effort into. I was reading your creators comments throughout the movie as well, and I love how you explained yourself when the scene didnt make absolute sense (for example the security beams on Ganon's tower), which just shows that you are infact a Zelda legend.

And I thank you once again for putting so much time, effort and creativity into your work. It is very much appreciated.

*you sunk my battleship!*


freaking goodness on your part.

hmm, you sure do like Link, heh. an excellent movie, and the best work i've seen from you thus far. i think that the story line was very good, as it fit in with the normal happenings of Link.
The graphics and animation in this movie far exceed that in most others. you've drawn all characters exceptionally well, and i applaud you on your animation skills aswell.
as always, great music in this movie, it went very well with it.
but ony tiny little thing i noticed, and mused at... from one angle, Link is shown with his sword in his left hand (like i would hold it), but, from another angle you see him holding it with his right hand :D heheh. not a biggy, just something to be aware of.
all in all, an excellent movie, and you must have submitted this movie on day where famous authors were submitting work, because i really dont know why this didnt get a portal award.
overall score: 8/10

eddsworld responds:

yes, this took a huge bite outta my life.