Reviews for "MY legend of zelda"


I LOLED so hard when he just ran inside and threw all bowls in the wall! That is SOOO LINK :D hahaha, funny drawings and humor. I will give this an 9/10!

Great work!

yeah, that about sums up every zelda game

it's true. links a twit, goes around smashing and killing stuff and in the end causes more problems than he solves.
I mean, why can't he team up with Gandorf and rule the world?

Sheish, link can be such a dumbass.


The animation sucks badly my mario would of been better.
I'm sorry but 0/10.............


Link's face is hilarious. lol


The main thing that made this funny was Link wunning in with that mindless smile on his face and smashing all the pots.