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Reviews for "onLy"


The anatomy is on point. I would love to see the original reference if you used one. The shading and the style are well executed. At first I thought it was macabre with blood dripping down her face, then I saw they were schematic and computer type segments. She reminds me of the ghosts I use to see as a young adult. Arresting, provoking, and you could never tell whether they were friendly or not....

FallenBane responds:

That's pretty interesting!
As requested: http://tinyurl.com/82eooco

Got realley freakey.
I think you've done something interesting, 'cause the first thing i visualized were traces of an imperfect woman, that's the most human similarity in this picture. The Brainiac lines falling like blood on her face!!! Amazing, and very specific, not everybody will enjoy, 'cause that's very muck alternative, but that's the right place, keep on that, friend.

Apparently this is already in my favorites, but I feel I need to write something here.

A very ominous feel to this, IMO. I love the color scheme and the shading you've done with this. I'm not entirely certain whether this gives me the chills or if it's cold in here. The surprisin detail in it as well, in spite of the somewhat... I don't know what to call it, the look when the lines aren't necessarily straight and the coloring crosses the lines a bit.

I'm just rambling on, I LOVE THIS.

Shading, stroke, anatomy... spot on! You get a 5 from me. No need for a background in my opinion, I feel it would take away from the presence of the subject. I don't know if it was intended, but the ear looks a little elvish. That's the only thing I noticed.

dude thats incredible