Reviews for "onLy"

This is a really good piece of art!

This reminds me of a old photo that would have a famous opera singer on it. But nice twist with the whole technology cyborg look. 10/ 10 and 5/5


When I saw this, I instantly fell in love. I love how she looks hollow if you get what I mean. The eye sockets look like they are empty, like she's a shell of some sort. Another thing you did that I LOVE is the hair. The fact that they look like paint strokes makes it stand out even more. Lastly, I get a Deus Ex kind of vibe when I see it, its got that "augmentation" kind of feel.

I'm kinda tripping on my words right now because I can't find the words to describe how much I love it. Its a great work of art, mostly the color scheme. Its astounding.

Wow! :D

That's really beautiful!
I really like the lips and hair, they're in perfect detail~
I think you could accentuate (I think I spelt that right) the collarbone,
Collarbones are very sexy and I think it'd look nice.

The water coloring is so perfect. Shading is very very good. Well done.

Amazing work would love to see more similliar to this.