Reviews for "onLy"


The anatomy is on point. I would love to see the original reference if you used one. The shading and the style are well executed. At first I thought it was macabre with blood dripping down her face, then I saw they were schematic and computer type segments. She reminds me of the ghosts I use to see as a young adult. Arresting, provoking, and you could never tell whether they were friendly or not....

FallenBane responds:

That's pretty interesting!
As requested: http://tinyurl.com/82eooco

Wow! :D

That's really beautiful!
I really like the lips and hair, they're in perfect detail~
I think you could accentuate (I think I spelt that right) the collarbone,
Collarbones are very sexy and I think it'd look nice.


When I saw this, I instantly fell in love. I love how she looks hollow if you get what I mean. The eye sockets look like they are empty, like she's a shell of some sort. Another thing you did that I LOVE is the hair. The fact that they look like paint strokes makes it stand out even more. Lastly, I get a Deus Ex kind of vibe when I see it, its got that "augmentation" kind of feel.

I'm kinda tripping on my words right now because I can't find the words to describe how much I love it. Its a great work of art, mostly the color scheme. Its astounding.

Beautifully Creepy

Dear Author,
You have done a great job of combining both beauty, and creepiness into your drawing. The straight line down her face gives a certain feel from the perspective you drew her from, which I simply adore. Keep drawing with this style.


(at the risk of saying something incredibly stupid, and totally contrary to the original artist's reason)

The panelled line on the face: yeah, when you see robot illustrations, the seams follow the shape of the body, rather than forming a straight 'slice'.
- I think the artist already knows this, since the panel edges on the torso follow the shape.
- The vertical line on the face doesn't destroy the pic; I find it helps draw your eye down the whole image.
- It's an interesting feature, since it seems that the robot has been posed at this precise angle, and makes you wonder what would happen to the contour of the seam if the head was just turned towards you.

Or not. But I still enjoy what that seam adds to the face.

All in all, nice earthy colours, great hair, and some nice brushes used for the background and skin. Can't fault it.

FallenBane responds:

There's a lot of thought put into your comment, so it's far from being stupid, I assure you. But you're right - I made the line straight too add a more...surreal feel to it, I guess? If that's the right way to put it.

It's pretty interesting how all of you are interpreting it though, haha.

But anyway, glad you like it!