Reviews for "onLy"

I love it. It's so beautiful!
And the flow of hair is wonderful!!

Hello very good picture, I was watching the images and discovered that I am identical to this picture except that I am a man. My facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/neiyanali.intsalan.ekauiltin

Apparently this is already in my favorites, but I feel I need to write something here.

A very ominous feel to this, IMO. I love the color scheme and the shading you've done with this. I'm not entirely certain whether this gives me the chills or if it's cold in here. The surprisin detail in it as well, in spite of the somewhat... I don't know what to call it, the look when the lines aren't necessarily straight and the coloring crosses the lines a bit.

I'm just rambling on, I LOVE THIS.

The water coloring is so perfect. Shading is very very good. Well done.

Got realley freakey.
I think you've done something interesting, 'cause the first thing i visualized were traces of an imperfect woman, that's the most human similarity in this picture. The Brainiac lines falling like blood on her face!!! Amazing, and very specific, not everybody will enjoy, 'cause that's very muck alternative, but that's the right place, keep on that, friend.