Reviews for "Mephiles (FL Mix)"

Hey again!

I loved this song. ! The drums were awesome! The really bass-ey lead was also really madd. At 0:56 I was like O_O. It sounds soo cool. Although I don't know what game this is from it's definitely a great drum and bass song! I liked the tune and the piano tune. The effects were good and layout was great. I can't find any improvements. :D You've surely done a good piece. This song would sound so awesome in a action fight scene. As I said 0:53 onwards is so fitting for an action scene. Keep up the awesome work. This has potential for weekly top 5 for sure, its a bugger you missed the judgement day (Tuesday)
Keep up the good work bro! Madd stuff.
5/5 10/10

-Cheers Brando

paranoiddj001 responds:

Thanks for your review, I appreciate it! I'll try to keep the standard up XD