Reviews for "Mephiles (FL Mix)"


no one could make a awesome remix like this unbelieveable!!

May I say something?

Having played the game and hearing the original version...?

I heard this remix. All i did was.. well..


If there was a more badass remix, it would be this one.

I love the smack of the drums and the mid-song dead notes.


amazing use of drums. keep it up. 10/10

Such a pain

This boss was a real easy piece of meat to tear apart during the first battle you have with it, it just hovers around and then Omega-123 comes in for the other half of the battle and helps you destroy the true Mephiles among the multitude of shadow clones making it easy as cake.

The second time you fight it is a real pain in the ass since after it takes two hits it tends to spiral upward in a circle and one wrong move means having to wait for ages for it to come back down into a close enough range to fight.

Later he ends up being the first character to ever kill Sonic before Sonic is revived by the Chaos Emeralds and fighting him in ultimate form.

Very nice remix and I love how it captures it's evil tone.