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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.2"

Damn you stupid people!

This is one of the most quality pieces of work on Newgrounds. I'm an old fan of the series and I'm so sick of people comparing it to the old TN (which was in its own way beyond great) and saying it's bad in comparison. If you people would stop putting this up to some standard and just take this hilarious, well animated, perfectly mixed cartoon for what it is you'd laugh a lot more...damn prudes. Anyway, to the Tomorrow's Nobodies I congratulate you on another fine piece of work (sex jokes and all) and wish that you guys got the daily feature award that you deserved but am glad to see you on the front page again.

-The Pomegranate

lol Too funny

The funniest thing is David acts just like my brothers friend and even weirder is he looks like him too ^_^

Great animation. You rock...

"Chris... set me on fire more..."

I can't stop watching it!!

Thats some drn good flash there!

loved it

That was funny as hell. I WANT MORE :D:D

Greatest ever

greatest ever in the history of ever....ever.