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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.2"


that was F***ing hilarious. You know what's realy scary? That guy Ben is me: we have the same name and he looks exactly like me.

PS Are you my stalker? If so, the key to the front door is under the carpet..... :)

o kay

its all true .david blain sucks dicks

absolutely amazing

what a brilliant animation i enjoyed that one. def get a 10 in my book


I don't give many movies a perfect 10, but this one deserves it. The humor was well planned, a tad off the wall, slightly ironic, all that good stuff, like, yanooo, whatever. I loved it!


marks for humor because you used the Butterfly Effect concept.. you sick twisted bastard. hahaha. I hate that movie, its too violent and depressing. but I'm glad you copied it because I was really bored until I watched this