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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.2"


great flash, i like just about everything you did in it. episode 3 is on must see list.


I can't stop watching this movie, you guys are pure genius I wish I had half the talent that you guys have. As always great movie!


WAAAAAAY btter than the first

Fuck the interactivity.... This was kool

This one kicks the shit out of the first episode, You guys are so awesomly funny, and get some more episodes on cause it's hell boner yeah! funny


not bad..it just seemed to drag on in some places. and there were times when it seemed like you were trying to hard to make it funny. other than that it was ok


This was truly a great flash and looks to be a very promising series. The combination of nearly flawless animation and superb voice acting with a perfectly ridiculous premise made for something I can't wait to see more of. This is a talented group of guys. Keep up the nice work.