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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.2"


WIcked funny you guys!

really funny :D

full of humour and great storyline, totally awesome. the webanjurmom joke is the most hilarious joke i have ever heard. this has got to be your best episode ever.

Best one yet



this is my favourite out of them all. love david so stupid but funny. so many good lines like "oh baby i can never let you go down like this...oh u burnt me u fkn whore" lol and "tido this isn't time for your marijuana" anyways keep it up guys and take it easy make a 6 pls


This is a great, easy-watching series thats good enough to go on TV. You have created some brilliant characters that fit your chosen stereotypes very well. My only problem is the fact most of the secondary characters sound exactly the same. I could pretty much tell when voice actors used the same voice twice.

This episode is probably my favorite, thanks to the hilarious storyline revolving around Davids hands getting put on fire. The Butterfly effect reference was also a treat. Solid 8/10.