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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.2"


Hahahaha. Very funny, very much so. I've watched this a few times now, its hilarious. Beutifully animated, you guys are legends. Excellent animation along with funny crap. This is the stuff! Your sounds were delightful, with no fuzz in the background or anything. You did an excellent job to bring the lovely graphics to life (I'm not sure how much the characters look like you guys but I suppose it was pretty accurate), and your jokes just kept rolling. The original was funny, but this is funnier and longer, and now the mini episodes have started, I've got a feeling that this will be one of my favourite series'.

David, ROCKS.

Hilarious, funny stuff. David is my idol. Haha. Lookin forward to more!

Crap in my pants.

Jesus Christ, I crapped myself. I laughed my ass off when David said, "Hey CHRIS, set me on fire MORE..."

Chris is such a dork. And the sad thing is, I understood everything he said.

What doesn't this movie have?

TLOZ reference alone was worth some point there. The story was sketchy, but the delivery was great and made up for it all.

good job

this was really a good piece of work. the graphics were great but like always, megaman wins