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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.2"


Dude i love tomorrows nobodies
Ive seen them like ten times there so hilarious.
YOu have the same humor as my friends, which is great
Any way please conitue the greatness.
umm, yeah, thats it

Great flash...

but I think it sucks. The humor was poorly executed. I don't wanna explain so... .


possibly the best thing on newgrounds if u havent all ready watch it it rules


This reminds me quite a bit of Clerks The Animated series.
Both TN and Clerks are awesome


lol this reminds me of me and my friends lol..you set your self on fire and all they want to do is call you a fag for going to a gay bar lol "We banged your mom" lol thats priceless i am going to be laughing at that for a while man lol. Flamers lol great name for a gay bar lol.