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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.2"

What a great flash

Im surprised that this cartoon got a bad rating in the portal, cuz it shouldnt. Besides the fact that the guys hands were on fire the whole time, this still is a very good flash and should be WAY more respected than it is now. I liked it alot!

Dude[s] i have always loved your old ones

why,oh why, did you have to split up thats like..... stupid


this is a wierd submission i dont really get it it did hav is funny parts and it did have some dumb parts so im giving it a 5

Hehe..Love your work.

Hehe, love these things. Youre a funny person and you deserved a nice rating. Your artowrk is very very clean as well, smoothe and distinguishable....Did I even spell that right XD....Well keep up the good work ^_^....Hope to see more in the future..Most likely will.

I love this series!

Please come with more! All the randomness that you guys think up is compeltely hilarious, I just absolutely love it! I support Tomorrow's Nobodies in every way, keep up the great work! Oh yeah, I love the Jew jokes, come up with some in the next episode, that would be awesome!