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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.2"


THAT WAS FUNNY I LOVE YOUR WORK MAKE MORE NOW! LOL I LOVED IT YEAHHHHH IT WAS AWSOME.... ya.... later.... o ya and... umm.. i know where u live and im coming. GRAPES ARE FUN!

kick ass animating; very professional

this seems like it could easily get big; the writing would have to get a little more creative though. very nice


Couldn't stop laughing, and I looked at the Clipboard "If you are reading this you have zoomed in on this, ZOOM THE FUCK OUT... Love David or something, hahaha


LMAO , i just can't stop watching this , the theme song is great and the part of the gummy bears is fucking funny .

Heavy humor with an ass load of burn injuries.

You did a great one here. Again, the jokes are rapidly frequent and don't fail to enduce gut-busting laughs. Definitely a 5/5.