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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.2"


Wild and highly entertaining. as stated before you have a good handle on the character design and development. The script was a riot and the animation smooth. You get the double buggy grin of approval. Keep up the good work.


That was fuckin brilliant Cant wait till he next one

PS when do u think it'll be finished?


i have too say you guys probably make the funniest web cartoon! *claps

this show should be actully made into a tv cartoon the animation is good enough and by the way have you ever thought about sending and showing you stuff with G4 TV if you have heard of it if g4 likes it a show called attack of the show will probably have you on tv to talk about it

and like i said this animation deffinatly has potential its like a american pie road trip teenge movie keep it up and keep it funny

This series rock!

I love this series, u rule

you fuckin rule

i love this funny shit you should make a cartoon about this shit anyways you did a good fucking job