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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.2"


that movie was great, but the ending rips off butterfly effect


lol the end was from a movie called butterfly somthing right?

diz shit off da chainz

fuckin bangin...diz da illezt shit ryt herr...lolz...funny az hell 2...lolz...diz my favrit ryt now...me n my frendz each choze wat charaktr we rezembld mozt...n i rezemble Eric...lolz...ezpezially cuz my frend Jorge rezemblz David n i alwayz call him a fag...lolz...

FUCKIN SICK DUDE make shit loads more awsome


yeh...david is fagit

thats fuc*#@%#*%#_n hillaroius make another oh look at the poodle ! omg its on fire ahhhhhhhhh !!!! last time david was in a gay bar lol really good oh and make sure that chase gets killed (me and like 40 other people wanna see chase die lol) tell me if you can bye !