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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.2"


Thats comedy. and arson but thats not my point. Sex with a doll however was nasty. then setting the apartment on fire and the poodle and the little girl good stuff. then the ending good job wit da butterfly effect.

wish we could go over 10 for humor

omg that was funny i love the part where he pets the poodle and it caughts on fire and the butterfly affect thing was great

In one word

You guys are untouchable.


U guys are flash GODS this is the best thing to ever enter newgrounds!!! this is so freakin awsome u should make a movie of it and get lots of money. I didnt like it when u killed off ben tho he was like the smart 1 in the group and u need a smart 1. but either way this is by far the BEST

Not bad, but the fire joke got a lil old

Well the movie was alright. The fire joke was drug out a little longer than what I thought was funny, but that's just me. And to the guy who reviewed before, it was intended to be a ripoff of the Butterfly Effect, thus why he said "it actually works". Anyways, good job guys.