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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.2"


Has anyne out there ever been proud not to have seen a film. An example of this effect might be, if you are anything like me, "13 Going on Thirty". This is a movie, along with the afore mentioned POS that I now feel more stupid after watching.

HAHAHA hilarious

mmmmmmmmm crispy fried poodle, flamers, butterfly effect spoof I liked it

these character designs sux ass!!

go back to the old episode designs. they where funny these new ones are not.i laughed at the old but these new ones have me saying 'how is that funny?'


NIce Job.

Heh, nice job on this series man, original, and the "webangedjurmom Elemantry" joke was totally original. Make more, I know people would watch it... I know.

*thumbs up*

dude that was awesome

dude create another one i know that alot of people would watch it
rock on man