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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.2"

freakin hillarious

i thought nothing fun came for phoenix!
its so boring here, but you just gave me hope!

Hahahaha. Nice jorb.

Loved it. Reminded me of that flash "Waterman". TO funny guys, keep up the good work.


Ok, i just went through all of your guys animations (i just decided to put the review in my favourite one) and The newer series is like T.V. Good, seriously you guys should try and get like onto teletoon or something.... i would watch it

so funy

i figrured out tht i asm a cross between david and chris and david is so funny

If anyone is reading this... I am still...on fire.

LmAo... Genius... Oh, and when I first saw this, I laughed at the exact time David did when Rex spontaneously combusted...