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Reviews for "I miss you Daddy"


Man your girlfriend is a hottie! oh and the flash was good i guess...


I can't stop crying! It was so sad. Everyone should vote high. (that poor litte girl, her daddy.) )=


I haven't cried that much after watching the saddest movie ever made, let alone any Flash movie. Very god damn powerful...


Ok, first off, id like to say that i agree with everyone' that is flaming the people voting 0, just because it isnt violent and/or funny doesnt mean it sucks unless your a narrow minded fucktard. Secondly, Dont give this a 10/5 in case you think that it TRULY Deserves it... yes it is a tribute to one of the most horrible tragedy's America has ever seen. This however, does not mean that is the best animated and Sounding Flash EVER. Dont bias scores because of the topic, that'd be like me typing "nudity" into the search bar and reviewing all of them as shitty for having nudity :-D...

In closing, AWESOME flash, very good. Ill give it a 10/5 but only because i truly believe that you put a lot of work into this. Sound was all right, Animation Blew my mind. good work!


that was probably one of the best flashes ive ever seen and it seriously made me cry because i realized how lucky i was on september 11th