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Reviews for "I miss you Daddy"

i am spechless

wow that movie was heart breaking i am . . . . wow i cry about half way through the movie i you hate this u have no fellings

beautifully sad

when i clicked on the 9/11 section, i thought it would be a collection of bullshit conspiracies on how bush planned the whole thing, but this makes me really glad i decided to look anyway. wish i could give this an 11/10...almost made me cry


You know, I thought that It wouldn't make me cry despite reading the rviews, but it did. I could'nt even fight back the tears. That was a very touching movie, and very very sad. Great Job...really.

I`m bawling!

Dude, nothing makes me cry, but this makes me more than cry! Great job! T T!!!


...and some people think men don't cry...