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Reviews for "I miss you Daddy"

Very Good

U should b giving ursself a pat on the back mate uve done a good job its sweet and sad i felt emotional watching it gave me vengence 2 for all the dirty arabs and wot theyve done 2 ppl

very good and very sad

one of the best


This was just amazing. It was beautiful. I broke down in tears after tears after watching this. Just a awesome and beautiful tribute.

I Can't Stop crying.

Finaly someone uses flash to make more than stupid comedy.

great job! *bows, "im not worthy".*

Best... movie... EVER!!! :')

Sniff... It's so brave how that young girl has gotten more powerful without her father!!! Baaaaahhahahahaha (crying, not LAUGHING!). Poor little girl... Don't think it's possible to reverse a loved one's death because when people die, they stay that way... sniff... permanently. I am not sure THIS will work, however, but... You, uh, could still, uhhh... talk to your father using the ETP (electronic transmitter phenomenon). I saw it on the Maury Show. I'm not sure whatsoever it'll work.