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Reviews for "I miss you Daddy"


I have heard the song before and i am so glad that someone made it into a flash movie. You really caught the aspects of the song perfectly. I got hose funny chills up my back every 5 seconds. This was an amazing flash.

Thank you.

this movie whas great...

... and sad i cried thrue the whole movie... stop making these movies.. now I hafe to wipe my eyes...

*sniff* good movie

*sniff* did the things in the movie happen for real?

Never again should anything like this happen

Does everyone remember where they were on 9/11? How can anyone that sees this movie ever look at that day in the same way again?

It's the truth, and that's the really sad part about it. This isn't some made up story. It happened across the nation and that's what many people did and still continue to forget. There's that common belief that we as a nation were attacked, yet we respond daily as if it was just the family down the street who had to deal with it and no one else.

But it's not, and this movie shows the true belief we should be not only thinking, but also feeling in our hearts and prayers. 9/11 was not a "it's over, we can get on with our lives" event. We all should be continually fighting against such acts. Maybe not with the "eye for an eye" thought since that makes us just like them. It should be that we were one nation before 9/11, we were one during, and we will be one after such tyrannystic acts are no more.

Oh My God

That was so emotional, I didn't cry because there was other people in the room but I was sure sucking them back man. Sure nice to see some one give a damn.

very heartfalt and sad

that was a very good movie vary sad it got me crying.