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Reviews for "I miss you Daddy"


I don't usually look at sad things. Don't too much much like to feel sadness. Keep losing family and friend year by year day by day. I decided to watch this one because of the nice graphics. What's really sad is everyone is saying this is for freedom for jesus for god. LISTEN UP CHRISTIANS! If you knew enough about the christian religion you would remember a little part out of the bible. When Jesus was being arrsted by the Roman soldiers, his diciple pull out his sword to fight the soldiers. Jesus told him to sheathe his sword and do not fight. What does this say? It says if you are attack you shouldnt just start fighting. You put disgrace on his name by killing under it. We all feel for the ones that were lost in these horrid attacks. We feel for the people in New Orleans from Katrina. We feel for the Jews that were murdered by the Nazis. We feel for the soldiers that were killed at Pearl Harbor. We feel for the Japanese that were murdered by the A-Bombs. We feel for the blacks that were enslaved and beaten and lynched. We feel for the heretics that were burned just because they believe in a different religion. Over and over and over again these horrid things happen. Each wost than the last. Humanity is an unpeaceful species, we live off war. The innocent pay in this. If you really want to change something try to show respect to all people even if they horrid to you. Don't do because its a holiday, don't do it because it feels good, do it because it makes them feel them good. That is all.

Its a heartbreaking story....

Though it is in Flash form it is nontheless true in some homes in the aftermath of the disaster. I am not ashamed to admit this movie got me all choked up. It puts the disaster in perspective beyond the politics and the media blahs and brings it to its core that families were torn apart because of the disaster.

And this is in comment to Luzbelito69's review though I respect your political leanings, I would just like to comment that not everybody in this country supports its government's actions and to wish harm on people is very much feebleminded. I for one am one of the people which disagree with this administration's response but I try to be fair and listen to the otherside of the fence rather than shut them out. Nobody is perfect...but that doesn't mean we should stop striving to better ourselves.

WOW that was touching

WOW that was touching, i feel sorry for the lil girl :(


This is beautiful, it made me almost cry :'(

Props on the SUV in the background when she was on the school bus, very detailed.


You've made me remember what it is to feel the pain of others with this movie. I had lost that empathy for a long time, but this has made me find it again. Thank you.