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Reviews for "I miss you Daddy"

Another amazing work from my childhood...Can't believe that the creator of this was the same creator for the Ray series...Philljc, you're an amazing writer and animator, to be able to make such an intense, bloody game and a bittersweet, emotionally-impacting animation as a tribute to the terrible 9/11 attacks. I believe your works were the, if not one of the very firsts I've ever seen from Newgrounds 12+ years ago, and I'm glad they were. :)

Wow. Almost made me cry. This is the best video i've ever seen. No mistakes at all. Everything perfect.

This made me cry...

I gave myself a little punch in the face for not adding this to my favorites. I have never cried harder and more consistently on anything on this website than while watching this. I love the spirit this has. There was this other defunct website that had this as the most viewed thing on the entire website. You deserved it. This really should have millions of views.

It's the best 911 cartoon I've ever seen. You simply have no bullshit with this. I don't normally say that word in my reviews, but I will here. It is that good. The voice and music were completely perfect. God bless you, man.

even after years i still cry from it, it truly is a good video you made. thank you!!! ♥