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Reviews for "I miss you Daddy"

Dammit. :'(

This is really beautiful.


Jerk. lol...

*sniff* Keep up the good work.

Truly touching.

Seriously, this is an amazing flash. Truly touching, and a tragic reminder of what was lost on that day. Totally made me cry. Excellent job.


dude that was so sad. i can not belive that you made some thing that was cute and sad, you should how the world feel big time. I think you should do one but with the little girl older


dude what an amazing video
i already lurking in newgrounds for about 4 years now and havent made an account
but after seeing this i feel an urge to made an account to review this
i cried and my tears wont stop for about 10 mins, so touching and sad
cuz i dont have dad too, but he's not at 9/11
but i understand how it feels to miss ur dad


So touching and sad. It's had to fight off the tears....