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Reviews for "kingdom wars 2"

Vindication, and Truisms in a Dreamscape NES Flash

This work, which shows the penultimate of dedication to such a wonderful crescendo of a series from hrechkaness, aspires to what can be said here. This NES game-inspired movie, along with its predecessor, Kingdom Wars, are some of the more "indie-flavored" venues. Unseen to most, this series is favorable with a little-known local affiliation, similar to a group of "nerdy" teens who are compelled to stare into Windows for hours, but it shows growth among the Newgrounds populace as s such an amazing, innovative series as this should show. It is amusing, some believe, to the author, that he sees this review, and wonders: "what the hell is this guy talikng about?!?!" Yes, it is amusing. Regrettably, there is still a deficiency in this series' fan-base; assuredly, however, hrechkaness can count this reviewer's status among those few, proud mar- sorry- fans. Cheers, to a great artist and innovator: HRECHKANESS. May he continue to endow this site with his series' grace and eschew all of the credulity among the majority of morons on Newgrounds.

hrechkaness responds:

woa i can see u put a lot of thought into your review haha thx i appreciate it but im not too sure when the sequals coming out but u can be sure that it is gonna be just a good

Wow, Great Job

This is an awesome movie. I like it because of the story. It had a great score, and I want to see the rest of it. Good job

Superior to the Original but not Flawless

My review of the first Kingdom Wars complained of only two aspects: pixelation and dialogue.

Both of those have been improved in this submission. Good job on that.

My complaint for this one is Mario cussing when he gets to the Forbidden Caves. It's not the actual cussing that bothers me; it's just that it was completely un-Marioesque, and totally unecessary. It really stole from the otherwise decent dialogue.

Again, good job. Looking forward to the next installment.

4/5 or 8/10

hrechkaness responds:

yeah i know what u mean i knew there would be someone who was gonna say sumthin about that sooner or later but hey, the sequal will be better with no out of place dialog


I enjoyed this movie. I've been a fan of Mario since I was little, hell, I grew up on Mario and Sonic games, even shows, but that's not the point. Point is, this is a great flash movie. I enjoyed watching it and cannot wait for the next part. Keep up the good work.


kinda ripping mario brothers sieries there dude!i vote 2