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Reviews for "kingdom wars 2"


that was great , it kept the same par as the first 1 , great spriting sound , and music keep the good work up . you have my 5s

caliente (dont know if i spelled that right)

That was cool. I never knew mario had moves like that. You've got my 5 vote. Peace.

piss off splulge32!

I think it is a pretty good flash. i like the 8-bit feeling and the story.
so fuck you splulge32 you wanker and fuck you family for rasing a dickhead like you

hrechkaness responds:

lol im glad you liked the flash. Thx for sticking up for me but don't worry about assholes like splulge32 i get them all the time its just better off calling them dumbasses. But anyways thx for your review

I will admit...

This is kind of like Mario Brothers (The movie series here on NG), and the letter type (font, I think.) was the same, but your fighting style for scenes are a little different. If you want a suggestion, try taking the SMB2 sprite of Mario holding something above his head, have a fireball appear and grow between his hands, and have Mario throw it. Another, Fix your spelling, and use the old man from Zelda instead of fighter for the king (too late for that, though...) Otherwise, a great movie. Keep it up.

P.S., I've noticed you don't like it when people say your spelling/grammar is off, especially when theirs is off in the review, so I pasted this to Microsoft Word, spell checked it, the pasted it back, just so I wouldn't make you mad.

hrechkaness responds:

haha oh don't worry about the spelling errors that one reviewer was just a dick in general. I appreciate the advice but like you said little too late. Oh well the sequal the kind kicks ass as the Final Fantasy character so its not a total loss. Appreciate the review it was very informative and honest


nearly everything is original here!! nice work! 10/10 dude! and forget about those suckers that think this is a ripoff and that they have the truth with them! MIDDLE FINGERS FOR THEM! and thumbs up for this movie!!