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Reviews for "kingdom wars 2"

i think this has all been done

yeah someone else is making MK ...r something like that....and thats a lil more better...but hell keep it up looks good still

lol...luigi dies in MK too.....

should have made some eyes glowing..n give it away in the 3rd...but now i kno that he has a gay lil monster to deal with !

hrechkaness responds:

well reading what u had to say i don't wanna give away the ending but ill tell u right now this is nothing like mk so u don't need to worry bout that and just because of fags like u i did this in 8 bit not SNES style theres another little difference between the two....


Alright movie it had an interesting storyline thats about all i got to say.

it was alrite

i think the job overall was alright. I thought the music selection was awesome, really tied into the story. It was pretty entertaining. Even though I'm not a big fan of sprites, this one was pretty good.

Vindication, and Truisms in a Dreamscape NES Flash

This work, which shows the penultimate of dedication to such a wonderful crescendo of a series from hrechkaness, aspires to what can be said here. This NES game-inspired movie, along with its predecessor, Kingdom Wars, are some of the more "indie-flavored" venues. Unseen to most, this series is favorable with a little-known local affiliation, similar to a group of "nerdy" teens who are compelled to stare into Windows for hours, but it shows growth among the Newgrounds populace as s such an amazing, innovative series as this should show. It is amusing, some believe, to the author, that he sees this review, and wonders: "what the hell is this guy talikng about?!?!" Yes, it is amusing. Regrettably, there is still a deficiency in this series' fan-base; assuredly, however, hrechkaness can count this reviewer's status among those few, proud mar- sorry- fans. Cheers, to a great artist and innovator: HRECHKANESS. May he continue to endow this site with his series' grace and eschew all of the credulity among the majority of morons on Newgrounds.

hrechkaness responds:

woa i can see u put a lot of thought into your review haha thx i appreciate it but im not too sure when the sequals coming out but u can be sure that it is gonna be just a good

As good as sprite movies get!

Tell me how the sequals doing! ^^