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Reviews for "kingdom wars 2"

Ripped of the mario flash series

Theres no way you made a flash that close in comparison to the mario series. this is not original. you just took those series and changed some of it up.

hrechkaness responds:

give up the dream for the mario series it had nothing to do with it i even emailed the guy myself he agreed with me so fags like u stop bitching about my movie being copied because their not

should have been whistled

this is a fucking bit off movie of the mario brothers serries, if your gonna steal somthing make it good, so other ppl watch it over the original, this was bullshit

hrechkaness responds:

wtf are u talking about dude this has nothing to do with the mario brother's series are u retarded don't compare my flashes to nething u watch u got a dumb point of view im not gonna give a away the ending but all of these ideas are original i can guarentee u that


kinda ripping mario brothers sieries there dude!i vote 2

Wow, Great Job

This is an awesome movie. I like it because of the story. It had a great score, and I want to see the rest of it. Good job


I have to agree that there is another Mk. but hey good work.

hrechkaness responds:

kinda angers me that people think im copying mk but im not i don't wanna give away the ending so im just gonna tell u it isn't even close to mk but im glad u liked the movie