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Reviews for "kingdom wars 2"

In reponse to a response.

"Author's response:


its funny when fags defend other fags does us all a favour go walk in traffic nerd "

It's funny when stupid fags try to defend themselves and try make themselves feel better by trying to make fun of someone else, when they don't have the intelligence to compete in a 3rd Grade Spelling Bee. "DO" everyone a favor, and please, throw the computer away, "Nerd".

hrechkaness responds:

Hahaha, it's funny how you claim to be intelligent, eventhough your a dumbass, when you correct me on spelling when you also can't spell shit. "In 'reponse' to a response"? So for further spelling correction insults make sure you can spell something right so you can stop making an ass of yourself.

You can review this over and over again, I don't care because I'll always have the last word retard. Now you just got slit your wrists with your boner buddy friend david firth and you wouldn't be doing just me a favor but everyone in the world. We've already got enough fucked up people we don't need nerds like you creating more with your fucked up movies.

Have a lovely day sir, looking forward to your lame ass comeback.

((( COOL )))

Well notbad, its cool, the sprites could be more clear, and sharp looking, the audio could be abit better aswell, it was all neat though, it also seemed abit fast paced, maybe slow it down somewhat, nice work though...


piss off splulge32!

I think it is a pretty good flash. i like the 8-bit feeling and the story.
so fuck you splulge32 you wanker and fuck you family for rasing a dickhead like you

hrechkaness responds:

lol im glad you liked the flash. Thx for sticking up for me but don't worry about assholes like splulge32 i get them all the time its just better off calling them dumbasses. But anyways thx for your review


um imight have have liked it exept for the fact that yo used mario
and luigi wtf and in bad graphics and tryed to make it dramatic

hrechkaness responds:

cough loser, as in id be cooler if i hadn't used mario and luigi are u kidding me? Here is a perfect example of some fag who hasn't got a clue of what hes talking about and thinks his opinion matters go back to pre school nerd and perhaps gain sum knowledge of life

Superior to the Original but not Flawless

My review of the first Kingdom Wars complained of only two aspects: pixelation and dialogue.

Both of those have been improved in this submission. Good job on that.

My complaint for this one is Mario cussing when he gets to the Forbidden Caves. It's not the actual cussing that bothers me; it's just that it was completely un-Marioesque, and totally unecessary. It really stole from the otherwise decent dialogue.

Again, good job. Looking forward to the next installment.

4/5 or 8/10

hrechkaness responds:

yeah i know what u mean i knew there would be someone who was gonna say sumthin about that sooner or later but hey, the sequal will be better with no out of place dialog