Reviews for "Ultimate Mk Brutal Full"

I've seen much better.

There wasn't too much redeeming about this flash. Your jokes were old and none of them was really any funny. If you could manage it you don't need every ending to be a friendship or a fatality and the audio should reflect that. You also might want to cut out the "Friendship? Again" line as it's never really worked in these types of flashes.

This couldn't have required too much effort. All you had to do was add layers. It would have taken time, but not effort.

You shouldn't mix your sprites. Where did you get the Marvel ones?

Deadly-Dragon responds:

so dont review my flash idiot!!!

Mortal Kombat, yes!

You gotta respect Mortal Kombat. I will never tire from it, its simply my favourite series of all time, even above Final Fantasy for me. Trilogy was the best, with every character. They need to re-make the 2d Trilogy. Looking at your other flashes, I see its all MK. Your the best man keep it up! Email me!

Deadly-Dragon responds:

thanks man!!!

It was stupid.

And lame. wasn't your graphics wasn't your sound. I watched every character hopping there to be something funny. Nope. You have made me hate MK3.

Deadly-Dragon responds:

your mama stupid because she teach you not to play mk or doom or any game of violence!!!


This owned!!


great job!!!