Reviews for "Ultimate Mk Brutal Full"


im sorry but all those deaths are really 2d un-structured and quite boring really seems like you just took the same idea but used different picutres from shows i respect what you have done as i have no idea where to start on making a flash but i have seen enough to know how to judge and yours was sub par at best

Deadly-Dragon responds:


i dont know why but this game was awsom . im high

i was high when i played this so dont blame me


sorry, dude, that was kinda boring. i thought you would have done some good fatalities, but i only found myself laughing mildly at Sindel's fatality. everything else seemed dreadfully passé.

so what if its been done 1,000,000 times...

now itz 1,000,001 times now. it needs a black dude with a pick for a weapon though... that would be awsome. Bloober kan kiss my big black azz.

mildly entertaining

that was pretty good, but there were too many of the fatalities were alike. other than that not bad.