Reviews for "The Voice of the Rain"

oh my...

*tear* amazing

Ambient Rainforest

This is the sort of track that you get playing over the videos of the wonderful things about rainforests and jungles, with things like orang-utans hanging around in the trees and then the more active creatures, like colonies of ants busily harvesting a few leaves off a banana tree, to take back to the ever expanding nest.

Wonderful sounds, but I would question the use of the thunder - not every rainstorm has thunder and lightning, so why does this one? It's maybe something a little too powerful for the track, so I would just omit it, as the song is good enough on its own, without the extra gravitas.

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gregaaron89 responds:

I like the rainforest thing lol :) Um about the thunder... hmm... I guess I just wanted to intensify the emotion. I think it has a different effect before and after the song drops out so that's kinda cool i guess. You gave me something to think about...

Thanks for the review

I imagine...

a lush medow...

filled with forests...tropical birds sing their tune...as the sky of space rolls lazily on by...

Very nice


This is a Top-Notch Ambience Piece.

I haven't judged any recent ambient pieces, but in my opinion, Ambience needs 3 things:
1-Ability to move without overpowering the Stage it sets.
2-Has to be created by true, happening emotions, memories, or thoughts.

Yeah, the song is just so good that I can't even make a good third point. This might just help me finish my final paper for college, so Great Work!

bad ass

Could make love in the rain with a hot girl while listening to this song.

gregaaron89 responds:

lol, spiderman