Reviews for "The Voice of the Rain"


I was listening to this piece and was able to envision the rain pouring down on a lone street. It also made me feel like there was somebody looking over my shoulder.


It has perfect beauty to it. I can feel the energy of a rain storm when I listen to it. It reminds me much of nature and I am deeply connected to nature. When it rains, I love to sit and listen to the sound of each raindrop falling to the ground. It comforts me and gives me a sense of deep inner peace. The same goes for this song...it makes me feel very peaceful within.

Very lonely feeling.

for some reason i felt all alone while listening to this piece. seens every one is logging the veiwer they used I found that hypno fit this tune very well

gregaaron89 responds:

Thanks, that's what I was going for

huh, kinda peaceful

it, makes me sleepy

gregaaron89 responds:


its so peace full

it reminds mi of my bro's especiali Kai be4 he went crazy....