Reviews for "The Voice of the Rain"

Very Calming

Almost fell Asleep

love it!

it was very calming and peaceful... where i live we hardly ever get rain... EVER... so this was really really nice to hear, thanks a lot for putting this up, enjoy it a lot ^^ keep up work like this and you'll do great

Nice effects

For a large portion of the song it was a loop until you begin to hear the storm brewing near the end. I do not mind the storm near the end, however it seems to drag on as the rain fads away. I would suggest shortening the song by 1.5-2 minutes, to eliminate some of the repetitiveness. Adding more variation would help as well, very few additions or changes are made throughout the song. I understand this is an emotional song, and have to admit the rain effects along with the thunder are well done. Overall it is all right, and with a little tweaking it would be great.

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gregaaron89 responds:

Thanks for the review, I agree it needs some changes. If I end up putting it into an album I'll have it fade out into the next song to cut off some of the end, along with adding some more variation. For now though, I think it's good enough and I don't want to resubmit a different version.


I know it was very repetitive but still, I really liked it. It was very relaxing. It just had everything an ambient track should have. and more. The rain effects were perfect. A great song. Nothing more needs to be said :D

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nice, very chill

it was nice to listen to rain and thunder with a bit of a beat added very nice work