Reviews for "The Voice of the Rain"

I like this a lot.

Very slow and sad, if a bit repetitive. I let it loop for about an hour, while I did my homework. Kudos to you for this real piece of art. ;)

gregaaron89 responds:

"I let it loop for about an hour, while I did my homework."
"I let it loop for about an hour"
"for about an hour"

That's a bit much I think :D glad you liked.

Alright =P

Ha, I let this loop several times as I was making a catch up post in my new club, which I thank you for joining. ;) Anyway, very relaxing and nice use of the sound effects here. It was though very repetitive. Perhaps trying to get a little bit of variety in there would make this a better submission to listen to. It is pretty good ambient music though and would go good with a lot of submissions that needed a slow/sad piece of audio to match the animation and concept of their flash. Overall, not too bad and useful for a sad flash.

~ Review Request Club ~

gregaaron89 responds:

I know it's a bit repetitve, I thought it was a good length though. I thought about adding more stuff to it but my soundcard was begging me to stop raping it so I couldn't do much more to this O_o Also I was afraid I would ruin the mood.

Thanks for the review, i hope someone uses it for a flash :D

Very dreamy...

Woah...i LOVE THIS!! This is one piece of artwork here...amazing...sounds very professional =). You definately get a download from me this is just stunning! The beat is just...SO PERFECT! I love the feeling/aura that this song leaves me in i just...wow...


I this song gets noticed!
(Awesome work man)

gregaaron89 responds:

:O glad you love it man, I'm honored... and thanks so much for all the support for this one, means a lot :]

not bad at all.

Has a really relaxing feel to it and i think thats importent to the over all feeling of the song. I enjoy the rain sounds and such in the background. Just something i think you'd hear in a rain forest (Due to the ambient sexyness) Over all a pretty nice track to listen to. Gets a little repetitive but its very nice to listen to.


gregaaron89 responds:

Thanks, I like the rainforest imagery, it's cool to hear people's interpretations.