Reviews for "The Voice of the Rain"


Very beautiful and relaxing =)

great track.

i almost never liked ambience befor this song dude/dudett lol. w/e keep it up its a extreamly relaxing song

Good track

It's a good track. The atmosphere it creates is great.
I like the sound samples you used throughout the track. At first we can hear some birds chirping, it seems as if it is a nice and warm day. But the music already foreshadows that there's a storm coming.

Later we can hear the rain falling, the music now creates an almost sad atmosphere. As if the rain doesn't bring relief and doesn't wash away all the sorrow... but it carries sorrow with it.
This impression is strengthened by the fact that we still can hear the rain fall even though the music already faded away.

The ending may be a bit too long though. Or the sound of the falling rain is too low. Maybe it would work better if you not only fade out the music, but also fade in the rain sounds at the same time, so that it seems as if the rain outpowers the music in the end.

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gregaaron89 responds:

Thanks a lot for your review, that was really helpful! Glad you liked it.


I needed this


man thats soothing lmao
srry funny word!