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Reviews for "Yelltek - I'm Sorry"

I can see it..

What Hashmyth said, I can see it. They dont care about dieing being up on the cliff, goo drift race! lol

Its a great song..listened to it all the way and it was a good jam..

Yelltek responds:

haha, nice! and thanks! :D

holy shit

thats awesome dude, i never review songs, but this is awesome!

Yelltek responds:

haha, thanks man! :D


Love it! :D
Nice sounds and awesomely made :D

Yelltek responds:

thanks man! :D


i listen to this too much XD

Yelltek responds:

haha, lol xD
thanks for the review! ;D


i liked it but i loved the abient start the most...im kinda into that stuff right now..