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Reviews for "Yelltek - I'm Sorry"

you need a much stronger

kick. that thing wasn't impressive for all the build it got.
just strengthen that and submit it again. im sure it would get an even better response.

Yelltek responds:

yeah i know, in our next song we will make a much stronger kick and bass!
anyway, thanks for the review!


Perfect minus that third part, to hard. and the transision back wasn the best. the dreamy begining is epicness, and the merge/build to the techno is insipiring. It's deeply emotional, and explains alot about the genre.

Yelltek responds:

thanks for the review man!

The beginning is extremely good!

I believe that the beginning is the MOST important part about a song, and you executed it EXTREMELY well! I loved it speeding up. But why i rated it a seven instead of a 10?

(I am about to piss you off so greatly from here on...be warned)

At 1:15, i started to lose hope since that sound is extremely generic and diahorrea-like sorry. But i do have to admit the song flowed really well.

I just lost all my hope when 2:23 rolled in. It is an extremely big transition with an extreme change in moodswing. I disliked that bit truely compared to such a wonderful intro and a pretty good transition to techno despite the generic sound. Maybe you could of added on more to the wonderful tune then add that cringing mind numbing bit.

The beat is easily ignored since there really isn't much diversity to it.

The bass seemed so mellow like, for one, i can actually hear the bass more then feel it. Maybe try quieting the bass down and add more boost in decibals or i think thats how you say it.

Now i absolutely hate ranting but iam just extremely dissapointed on the way you took it to the hard style bit or whatever instead of staying in the amazing trend of the intro. Sorry.

Yelltek responds:

ok ok.. ur right about what u say. anyway thank you very much for the review!

i like the song

i agree with darkapples 2:27-3:34 is on of the best song and after that it sounds the best in my own personal view