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Reviews for "Yelltek - I'm Sorry"

Calm and Nice to Crazy and AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

There are people like you who should be fmous for what you make because you are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yelltek responds:

haha, thanks man! :D


It was a good background song for me failing to write a decent essay. Very nice song! Keep at it!

Yelltek responds:

thanks man! :D


5/5 10/10!!! I like all the different sounds :). Also. what plugin did you use for the Lead and the kick/clap/ETC?

Yelltek responds:

Thanks man! ;D

For the lead sound we used lots of plugins and effects, dont really remember what plugins and for the kick/bass its µTonic(MicroTonic) and lots of effects :P
clap is a sample from a pack(dont know which) and then mixed with lots of effects and stuff xP

anyway thanks for the review! ;D

two words 'f**king awesome'

i turned this on the radio and i JIZZ IN MY PANTS
i hear the 2:30 and i JIZZ IN MY PANTS
when i think of this song i JIZZ IN MY PANTS
great work man this was so good

Yelltek responds:

hahaha, thank you very much man! :D


Keep that up and you'll be starring in Qlimax,Defqon, Sensation Black and/or the other concerts. Good job man, seriously.