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Reviews for "Yelltek - I'm Sorry"

sweet stuff

The part starting at 2:40 is awesome

Yelltek responds:

thanks! :D


It was amazing, definately a favorite. I liked the transition to the lower beats during the middle, but I think you spent to long on that part. Thus, the 9. Keep it up.

Yelltek responds:

haha, yeah, maybe xD
anyway thanks for the review! :D


ur probely wondering y i gave you a 9. I gave you a 9 because you should of named this yogurt just thing of this song with a theme of yogurt in the backround spinning faster and faster until light covers up the whole screen thats y i gave you a 9 if you r wondering i think these ppl should agree with me you dont have 2 if you dont whant to you know what i mean.........

Yelltek responds:

i didnt really understand, but i'm fkn tired so thats maybe why. xD
anyway thanks for the review ;D


High Velocity Kicks, bad stuff :P

Beautiful song

Lovely. Really nice man :D