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Reviews for "Yelltek - I'm Sorry"

Song with a Meaning

This song actually has a meaning unlike most of the other stuff on newgrounds. Great job Love it.

Yelltek responds:

thanks man! :D


Really fits the mood all right. I liked the beat and rhythm a lot. Please make it longer!

It was awesome! :)

Yelltek responds:

thx 4 the comment!

I'm not sure if we will make it longer! xD because this one is pretty long! ^^



lol, longer, yeah, we can, but it already is so long, add me on msn and i'll make a special edition just for u!
anyway, thanks for the review! :D


two words 'f**king awesome'

i turned this on the radio and i JIZZ IN MY PANTS
i hear the 2:30 and i JIZZ IN MY PANTS
when i think of this song i JIZZ IN MY PANTS
great work man this was so good

Yelltek responds:

hahaha, thank you very much man! :D


Keep that up and you'll be starring in Qlimax,Defqon, Sensation Black and/or the other concerts. Good job man, seriously.


epicly awsome
im getin in to the hardstyle stuff too
hope to get as good as you
keep it up dude