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Reviews for "Yelltek - I'm Sorry"


This shit is FUCKING TIGHT! This is maybe the second song that i played mad loud and almost spilled my grape drank! (lol)

Yelltek responds:

haha. thank you very much! :D

I absolutely love it!

I love the "punch" that the base gives it, I think it is an awesome song to fight to, fast paced fighting, quick and decisive, it is also good to just listen to have a better day, it is upbeat and happy sounding... or vengeful... I need to blay SoulCalibur IV to this and see how it does with the frantic fighting!

Yelltek responds:

haha, thank you very much! :D


this sounds really close to Brando's new song, i duno who stole of who, or if you two are working together, or if its just a coincidemce, but srsly dude, its really close, whats the deal?

Yelltek responds:

haha, yeah i know... i was the first to make this and then he got inspired and made an own version of it :P
i dunno, but he could made a remix insted of changing the mello alittle and then say that its just inspired... but the mello is not exactly the same so he maybe though "then its not a remix".. but all remixes dont has the same mello as the original, some people even say that u must edit the mello else u suck lol xD
but yeah, he is my friend and he tells in the description of his song that its inspired by this so its ok for me :P
lol anyway, thanks for the review ;D

Very nice

I thought it was good. I felt bored before 1:35, but then I got into liking it a whole lot more. I enjoyed 2:27 to 3:34 the most!

love this song so much

beautiful and amazingly done. =]