Reviews for "Angels Aren't That Good (NEW)"

Very nice.

Has a real good beat to it, the mood is strong, also congratz on #1 ng gen rock song :D

Darkar responds:

Thanks! Well I think it's a little bit early to think this is the #1 song of the general rock. I mean it only has 9 votes, but hopefully it'll stay up!

"love it"

you are a great composer as you are a great animator
I love your song, but I love you more ^-^

Darkar responds:

I love you too! <3 n_n


its much better than the second version, but i kinda like the original better.

Darkar responds:

I don't... sounds kinda empty. This is not the final version though. Gotta record it in a studio. :P


se parece mucho a cannon rock. por qué cannon rock es una version en rock de una de las sinfonias de mozzart
muy buena cancion por cierto =D

Una sola palabra...


Siendo honesto, me gusto mucho como mejoraste la canción, hace que sea mucho más pegajosa al publico

5/5 10/10