Reviews for "Angels Aren't That Good (NEW)"


I thought that by making it into hardcore rock would ruin the feel of it.
well, it didn't. It made it more awesome than possibly imaginable!
Well done.

I salute you.

Darkar responds:

Thank you very much! n_n


its much better than the second version, but i kinda like the original better.

Darkar responds:

I don't... sounds kinda empty. This is not the final version though. Gotta record it in a studio. :P


i want to make love to this song...well not really cause although it does rock, i dont think its sex material...see you baby );

Darkar responds:

Ha ha ha ha funny......

damn thats godly

its easy to telll when pride and care went into a peice like this and here it shows awesome work

keep it up

Darkar responds:

Thanks man! :)

"love it"

you are a great composer as you are a great animator
I love your song, but I love you more ^-^

Darkar responds:

I love you too! <3 n_n