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Reviews for "Psybot - Through the portal"

Good song

I ate this song so hard
It is awesome

Yepp yepp..

Still a pleasure coming back to your page and listen to your new submissions!

Top score and DL'd!

Keep it comin!

Cheers // -FW-


I can't say I didn't...LOVE THIS SONG!

You weave melodies very well.
But I do have a single complaint with the melody.
It was just TAD out there.
Still just a minor flaw. (One that the listener could even fix with their EQs)

The composure was very nice.
Fantastic actually.

And those string sections in the back...

Fav'd (both artist and song)
10 stars.
This song is awesome...

Psybot responds:

For some reason when i make my melodies i feel like they at thier best at that high pitched notes.
Im trying to better myself but gets in the same position next song.

Thx for your review ^^



I LOVE THIS!!! This is freaking amazing...i HAVE to download this...this is by far one of the best techno songs i have ever heard...this song is amazing...YOU are amazing...its been forever since i checked your page im going to have to do that right now =).


I absolutely love this...

Psybot responds:

For some reason i have hard to belive that you really think this way.
But since you are writing it i have to believe you.
Because when i hear your songs i hear a sound that i allways wanted to have but never gotten (Yet)

With this i would like to say that your review means alot to me. you are one of my favorite artist on NG.

Thank you ^^


Very good

Your music always make me sorta leave the world I'm in and imagine something to do with the music (this is a good thing.)

The random visualisation playing was actually portal, so it was really easy to imagine going through a portal, it sorta 'screeched' at it's higher points, but it barely took away from the music. Keep up the good work